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Company Profile

Motia Compagnia di Navigazione SpA is a Venice-based ship owning and ship management company which operates high quality tankers and bulk carriers.

Our vision is to provide our costumers with a safe, reliable transportation service while ensuring the safety and security of the crew, vessel and cargo and always complying with the highest environmental standards.

Motia Compagnia di Navigazione owns, operates and technically manages a modern fleet of product and chemical tankers under the Italian flag.



Motia’s pedigree dates back to the period after World War 2 when Commander Antonio Zachello bought his first Liberty ship. Since then the company has remained in family hands but has progressively expanded and become more international. In 2000 it embarked on a major expansion into the product carrier market with an extensive newbuilding programme, shared between Motia and Seaarland. Today Motia retains across the board technical and commercial experience and expertise in house, taking a secure long term view of developing its fleet, maintaining its skilled personnel and building long term relationships with both other shipowners, through pooling, and with major charterers.


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